Remove ridges and cuticles from your nails

Ridges, cuticles, polishingNail Care

For each care and preparation of your nails, TEM-KI will be useful.

TEM-KI is the ideal tool for the care and preparation of your nails. It will help you to give the desired shape to your nails, to eliminate cuticles and to smooth the nail by gradually eliminating ridges.


The resulting polish and smoothness of the nail will be perfect for the preparation of nail polish, false nails’ application, gel, capsules, false acrylic nails, etc.



Nail care with TEM-KI NAILS



Prepare your TEM-KI NAILS

TEM-KI Skin packaging
Install the abrasive disc on the TEM-KI.

Always hold the TEM-KI behind the vibration absorber (blue rubber).

Good way to hold the TEM-KI derrière l'amortisseur.
Bad way to hold the TEM-KI


Give the desired shape to the nail.

You may choose to no longer cut your nails and manage their length and shape with TEM-KI.

  • Install the normal head (without foam)
  • If it is a first cut or shaping of the nail: apply the disc "Nails" #1
  • If it is a small maintenance of the shape of the nail: apply the disc "Nails" # 2

Move the disc facing the nail and file it to give the desired shape. Go gradually, you will judge yourself the pressure to exercise according to the length of your nails.


If you decide to cut your nails in the traditional way, you can use the TEM-KI to remove chips and soften the tips of your nails.

To do it, work your nail with the disc "Nails" #1 installed on the foam cap.


While working on nails, the TEM-KI must always be moving, slowly or fast. Never stand still.

shaping of the nail with TEM-KI
Give your nails the desired shape with TEM-KI


File the cuticles.

You can abrade your cuticles and hard skin around the nail.

  • Attach the normal head (without foam)
  • Attach the "Nails" # 1 disc and make it stick out by one milimeter from its Velcro support.

Orient the TEM-KI in the position that allows you to view the work done. With the outer part of the disc, make small movements back and forth. It's a precision job. Do not hurry and be careful not to touch the nail too much.

File the cuticles with TEM-KI Nails
Remove your cuticles thanks to TEM-KI Nails


Remove the dust.

When working on nails, good visibility is important. Remember to regularly remove the dust that will appear and check the result.

Clean your nails after using the TEM-KI
Remove the dust during your nails care


Remove ridges from your nails.

In most cases, ridges are impressive but superficial. They will be very quickly eliminated and you will achieve smooth nails.

  • Attach the foam head.
  • Attach the "Nails" disc # 1.

Start at the base of the nail and go to the tip by applying a slight pressure so that the foam head fits the shape of your fingernail. Make small movements back and forth and from left to right. Soon, the dust will appear. Stop regularly to remove dust and identify areas that remain to be done.


While working on nails, the TEM-KI must always be moving, slowly or fast. Never stand still.

Remove ridges from your nails.
Smooth your nail with TEM-KI.
Polish your nails with TEM-KI.
Get rid of your nails' ridges with TEM-KI.

Warning: If after a short work, you feel that your ridges are too deep, seek advice from your manicure.


Regular and quick maintenance

Fingernails grow about 3 millimeters a month. Toenails grow about 2 mm a month.

To keep a neat nail, you will only need to work on the regrowth. For this purpose, use the foam head with the disc "Nails" # 1.

Nails' Manicure with TEM-KI Nails.
Nails car with TEM-KI Nails


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