Remove hard skin from fingertips

Remove hard skin from fingertips

Hard skin on fingertips are uncomfortable and unappealing.

They bother you and irritate you: sometimes you tear them off or cut them with your teeth, for an unsatisfactory result.


Remove hard skin from fingertips

TEM-KI is a tool that softly abrades the skin with its vibrating head and abrasive discs. It eliminates hard skin on fingertips, precisely and without overheating. No more harm or frustration, your fingers are beautiful again and soft.



Remove hard skin from fingers with TEM-KI SKIN



Prepare your TEM-KI SKIN

Choose the normal head (without foam). The normal head is used for the most resistant parts: cracks, corns, calluses, etc.

TEM-KI Skin packaging
Install the abrasive disc on the  TEM-KI.

Always hold the TEM-KI behind the vibration absorber (blue rubber).

Good way to hold the TEM-KI derrière l'amortisseur.
Bad way to hold the TEM-KI


Remove hard skin from fingers, on the nails’ edges.



Attach the normal head and the "Skin" disc # 2 or # 3, depending on the thickness of the hard skin.
Try both and choose according to your case.


The first TEM-KI application can take several minutes depending on the thickness of the hard skin.

The work should be done perpendicular to the skin, preferably on the edge of the disc, which will allow you to visualize your work.


Make small movements from left to right and back and forth. Judge the pressure according to your sensitivity.


Regularly check the progress by sliding a finger on the worked part. You decide when it’s done: once you feel the skin soft, you can stop.


After a few minutes, you’ll achieve smooth fingers!


  • The TEM-KI may be slightly inclined. It works equally well regardless of its position. You will quickly understand all the possibilities it offers you!
TEM-KI ponce et elimine les peaux dures des doigts
TEM-KI enlève les peaux dures au bout des doigts
TEM-KI abrase et supprime les peaux dures sur le côté des doigts


  • As soon as the work satisfies you, finish by applying the TEM-KI on the entire sole, with the disc "Skin" # 3 on the foam head. You will get an amazing and pleasant smoothness (see "exfoliation of hands and feet").
  • For most of us, it is not easy to work with the left hand if we are right handed and vice versa. With TEM-KI, you will easily work on both hands. The solution is simple: hold the TEM-KI fixed in one hand and move the finger with the other hand on the disc, always making small movements back and forth. Very quickly, you will appreciate this advantage.


TEM-KI Skin "Skin care"