Remove finger cracks

Remove finger cracks

Skin cracks hurt and are very annoying.

A crack has a deep V-shape and hardened edges.


Cracks appear especially in winter and from manual and household work. During this period, the skin undergoes numerous temperature variations that dry up the skin; which promotes roughness and deep cracks especially on thumbs. Hands become ugly and painful.


Remove finger cracks

TEM-KI has created the only tool that completely and perfectly eliminates cracks, no more harm, no more irritation, a newfound softness.


TEM-KI abrades the edges of the crack until the crack is completely eliminated. It allows you to find a smooth skin, without overheating, with childlike ease.



Remove cracks with TEM-KI SKIN



Prepare your TEM-KI SKIN

Choose the normal head (without foam). The normal head is used for the most resistant parts: cracks, corns, calluses, etc.

TEM-KI Skin packaging
Install the abrasive disc on the  TEM-KI.

Always hold the TEM-KI behind the vibration absorber (blue rubber).

Good way to hold the TEM-KI derrière l'amortisseur.
Bad way to hold the TEM-KI


Remove cracks and hard skin from fingers, on the nails’ edges.


The first application of TEM-KI can take several minutes depending on the dimension of the crack.

Attach the normal head and the "Skin" disc # 2, position the TEM-KI as follows:

  • If the crack is located on the fingertip: position the disc in front, perpendicularly.
  • If the crack is on the edge of the nail: position the disc on its side.

Make small movements back and forth and judge the pressure according to your sensitivity.


Check the progress. Insist on the edges of the crack until they disappear. Insist a little on the bottom: cracks are hard and resistant skin.


After a few minutes, you will be relieved!

Many people have tried it: TEM-KI is the solution.


  • Due to housework and manual work, cracks reappear; often in the form of hard skin. Do not wait for them to hurt: abrade them right away with TEM-KI. Regular care is easy and fast.
  • When sanding the crack, you can work either with the entire surface of the disc or with its edge for better visibility on your work.


  • For most of us, it is not easy to work with the left hand if we are right handed and vice versa. With TEM-KI, you will easily work on both hands. The solution is simple: hold the TEM-KI fixed in one hand and move the finger with the other hand on the disc, always making small movements back and forth. Very quickly, you will appreciate this advantage.
  • As soon as the work satisfies you, finish by applying the TEM-KI on the entire sole, with the disc "Skin" # 3 on the foam head. You will get an amazing and pleasant smoothness (see "exfoliation of hands and feet").
TEM-KI remove cracks on fingers
TEM-KI sand cracks on fingers
TEM-KI abrades and remove cracks on fingers


TEM-KI Skin "Skin care"