Remove calluses from hands

Remove calluses from hands

Where do calluses come from?

Calluses usually come through frequent and repetitive contact and rubbing on the palm of the hand or fingers: housework, handicrafts, certain sports, playing a musical instrument, etc.


Remove calluses.

TEM-KI will allow you to eliminate your calluses precisely and easily. Thanks to its vibrating head and its abrasive discs, TEM-KI will sand until eliminating the calluses on the palm of the hand.


Remove calluses from your hands with TEM-KI SKIN



Prepare your TEM-KI SKIN

Choose the normal head (without foam). The normal head is used for the most resistant parts: cracks, corns, calluses, etc.

TEM-KI Skin packaging
Install the abrasive disc on the  TEM-KI.

Always hold the TEM-KI behind the vibration absorber (blue rubber).

Good way to hold the TEM-KI derrière l'amortisseur.
Bad way to hold the TEM-KI


Eliminate the calluses on the palm of the hand.

On the normal head (without foam), install the "Skin" disc # 1 or # 2.

Test them and choose according to your sensitivity.

  • If the calluses are thick, you will need the disc # 1.
  • For calluses of thinner thickness, as well as for maintenance, use the disc # 2.

If this is your first time using TEM-KI and your calluses are thick and strong, take time and be patient. The first use of TEM-KI can take several minutes depending on the size of the callus.


The principle is simple:


  1. Make the abrasive disc exceed one millimeter of its support (the Velcro of the head).
  2. Tilt the TEM-KI 45 degrees so that only the outer part of the disc is in contact with the callus.
  3. Make small movements back and forth, no need to press strongly.
  4. Regularly remove the dust and continue working until the total removal of the callus.
  5. Tips:

    • It is not the pressure that sands but the vibratory movement of the TEM-KI. No need to press hard during work. Sanding will be more effective if you do not apply strong pressure.
    • Work with the edge of the abrasive disc for better efficiency. The smaller the area of the disc in contact with the callus, the faster and more efficient the work will be. Working with the edge of the head will help you to position the TEM-KI.
    TEM-KI, eliminate the calluses on the palm of the hand.
    TEM-KI enlève et ponce les cales de la main.


    • Do not wait for the return of the calluses! Act as soon as you feel a rough point, usually yellowish. Use TEM-KI on a regular basis for the maintenance of your calluses and the care of your hands.
    • As soon as the work satisfies you, finish by applying the TEM-KI on the entire sole, with the disc "Skin" # 3 on the foam head. You will get an amazing and pleasant smoothness (see "exfoliation of hands and feet").


TEM-KI Skin "Skin care"