Reduce the yellowing of the heel

Foot Care Yellowed heels

Yellowed heels are not aesthetic.

The yellowing at the back of the heel is due to an accumulation of dead skin. Generally, these are easier to eliminate because, at the back of the heel, they are less resistant than on the bottom of the heel.



Heel and foot care with TEM-KI SKIN



Prepare your TEM-KI SKIN

TEM-KI Skin packaging
Install the abrasive disc on the  TEM-KI.

Always hold the TEM-KI behind the vibration absorber (blue rubber).

Good way to hold the TEM-KI derrière l'amortisseur.
Bad way to hold the TEM-KI


Heel care: reduce the yellowing of the heel

The first use of the TEM-KI can take several minutes, be patient.


Try first with the foam head and the "Skin" disc # 2. If your sensitivity allows, you can try with the normal head.


Then, in both cases, the principle is simple:

  1. Place the TEM-KI on the back of the heel.
  2. Make small movements back and forth, no need to press strongly.
  3. Remove dust regularly and continue working until all dead skin is removed.
  4. Tips:

    • Removing the yellow skin will be more effective if you do not apply strong pressure. It is not the pressure that sands but the vibratory movement of the TEM-KI.
    Get rid of yellowed heels
    Reduce the yellowing at the back of the heel

    As soon as the work satisfies you, you will achieve smoothness by passing with the disc "Skin" # 3 fixed on the foam head. Work gently and with light pressure on the entire heel. You can even use your exfoliating cream with TEM-KI, the result is surprisingly smooth! (see "exfoliation of hands and feet")


    • Do not wait for the yellowing of the heel to return! Watch for the appearance of the first yellow skin and use right away your TEM-KI, it's easy and faster.

TEM-KI Skin "Skin care"