Here is TEM-KIfor the care of your hands and feet.

Many of us desire beautiful hands and soft feet by eliminating dead skin.

Beauty for ladies, softness for men.

TEM-KI is a new tool that we can all use. Quickly, you will understand why and how to use it.

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Softness for your hands and feet, natural shine of the nails. TEM-KI

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VibrationsReassuring efficiency!

Thanks to its vibration system and unlike rotating tools, TEM-KI does not cause heating of the skin or skidding.

TEM-KI is held like a pen. It is easy to position, even on very small parts. Regardless of its position, it will do the job.


The vibrating head is separated by an absorber that reduces vibration in the ergonomic handle making it comfortable to use. Setting up and removing the heads with Velcro is easy. Just like the abrasive discs that you set according to the care.


Hygienic, the discs are personal and the heads are washable.


TEM-KI is so simple that you will quickly get used to it. It will become your essential partner for the care of your hands, the maintenance of your feet as well as the preparation of your nails.

Smooth your nails, eliminate ridges
Discover soft hands and pretty feet.

Multi-fonction.With each treatment, a suitable solution.

This is the great principle of TEM-KI: you adapt the tool according to the care.


The TEM-KI is:

  • A handle with a vibrating top
  • A normal and a foam head
  • A range of carefully selected abrasive discs.

For each treatment, you prepare your TEM-KI by placing the appropriate head and disc. It's easier than you think:



  • The "normal" head has a flat face. It is used for the abrasion of resistant parts: cracks, corns, calluses, etc.
  • The "foam" head has a foam top. It has been designed for the work on nails and sensitive parts. With a slight pressure, the foam head perfectly adapts to the shape of the nail and allow a delicate work, soft and very precise. It is also used for scrubbing hands and feet, especially on tick-sensitive parts.

Abrasive discs

Abrasive discs have different grains suitable for skin care or nail care (see our cares). They attach to the head with a Velcro. It's easy to change them. The discs are grouped under the numbers 1, 2, 3. The 1 being the most abrasive, the 3 being the softest.


We will give you tips on how to work, care by care. Quickly, after small tests and according to your sensibility, you will take confidence in its use and you will not be able to do without it!

Our kitsTem-ki, according to your needs.

Le TEM-KI comes in the form of two kits.


In each kit you will find:

  • A handle with a vibrating top
  • A normal head and a foam head
  • A range of carefully selected abrasive discs.

The difference in both kits is the fineness of the abrasive discs provided.

  • In the "Tem-ki Nails" the discs are adapted to nail care.
  • In the "Tem-ki Skin" the discs are adapted to the care of the skin.

In addition to your kit, you can buy:

  • A refill of abrasive discs for the other type of care: nail care, skin care.
  • Kits of 3 heads to avoid having to detach and reattach the abrasive discs. You change the head, it's even easier.
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