How to do it? With you hands and ...

Massage du dos avec Tem-ki.

... with Tem-ki!

Wake up you body!

Precise massage, on every trigger point
Perfect hands
Relieve your pains
Increase your blood flow
The vibrations are multiple due to the heads and to the numerous possible angles.
You will choose your healing and relaxing massage.

Perfect hands Softness and well-being

Watch how ...
Tem-ki will soften and eliminate,
calluses, cracks, hard skin, nail edges, and perform a perfect exfoliation
Disque abrasif TEM-KI n°1

Grit 1


Hard skin

Disque abrasif TEM-KI n°2

Grit 2


Calluses, cracks, nail edges

Disque abrasif TEM-KI n°3

Grit 3



Scrub your rough hands with the grit 3
After a dry exfoliation you can apply your moisturizing cream or a scrub cream for an exceptional finishing.
Try the foam head – it will adapt to the shape of your fingers and the curves of your hands.